Get the absolute most out of your Rapsodo Hitting or Pitching Monitor with the Rapsodo Cloud!
All data is saved for historical analysis. Subscription tiers designed for the individual player
up to entire organizations, we have the structure to support you, at any level.


Take advantage of spin axis to defy physics! Rapsodo measures the impact of spin on every ball;
it shows the actual flight of a pitched baseball and calculates the corresponding
trajectory of the same pitch without any spin.


  • Historically track every pitching and hitting session
  • Dashboard allows coaches to see a live feed of their team’s latest sessions
  • Instantly see which player is trending up and trending down across their Rapsodo metrics
  • View and Sort your roster by Sport, Coach, or Group to compare the right players
  • Easily download reports and videos from players’ sessions
  • Understand unique insights with breakdowns by strike zone and field location


New and Improved Cloud. Coaches and players now have the ability to choose a basic or advanced Rapsodo subscription tier. The basic option will give coaches and players access to the traditional data points. The new advanced subscription option will allow coaches and players to train with our all new Rapsodo release data!

  • Access to Rapsodo Premium Data Points:
  • Spin Axis,
  • True Spin,
  • Spin Efficiency,
  • Break Markers and Video